Living in Harmony with Nature

Please join us, you too can tread lightly!


Event: Women in Conservation

Jenny Parsons Masters of Science Rhodes University 2021 Understanding human-wildlife conflict: a geographic study of the Pringle Bay baboon troop & Bernadette (Berni) Crewe-Brown Protecting

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Why We Live Here

World Earth Day

2 minute read World Earth Day World Earth Day, is celebrated annually on April 22. This day serves as a reminder of the impact that

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What is Rewilding?

3 minute read What is Rewilding? Rewilding is a conservation approach that seeks to restore natural ecosystems to their former glory by reintroducing native species,

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Unexpected Diversity

In our corner of biological diversity here in the Kogelberg, we have the often-overlooked kingdom of fungi, or more specifically edible mushrooms. My first memory

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Harbinger of Autumn

Autumn Widow Butterfly (Dira clytus) – False Bay Echo Well, if you didn’t already suspect, it’s late autumn in the Cape. You will have been

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